Plant Sustainable Turf

We’re talking about “parking lot islands” here, so you’d think the traffic we would be most concerned about would be from vehicles. But actually, it’s foot traffic that can be a big problem on your parking lot islands, and this is a real killer for the grass.

Think about your commercial property: When people open their car doors and step out of their vehicles, where do their feet land? If they secured the spot right next to the island, they’re likely walking on that ground. So, the plants and turf that exist on the parking lot island must be sustainable and hardy, low-maintenance and versatile!

We advise against ground cover which will inevitably get stomped on and does not have the come-back capability that a solid turf such as El Toro Zoysia grass. Also, parking lot islands tend to attract debris, and raking grass is much easier than picking garbage out of ground cover. The easiest, least expensive way to enhance your parking lot island is to simply plant grass that will handle the challenging soil conditions.

Select a tree for the parking lot island to draw the eye up. This will provide a nice balance considering the otherwise horizontal surroundings of the parking lot’s hard surface.

We’d like to emphasize choosing a treeas in one. Resist the temptation to plant a robust bed within a parking lot island because the soil’s nutrients must support the plants growing there. Maintaining the spot will require more resources if you over-plant the space. So, keep it simple. Choose a tree.

A small tree with narrow trunk yet provides a nice canopy, delivering shade to the parking lot. (Who doesn’t want to park in a shaded spot?) Also, this compact tree will not obstruct views. The last thing you want is to create visibility issues for drivers.

An important factor for parking lot islands is the risk of falling objects. Trees that shed seeds are a maintenance headache.

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