Our Services Include:

  • Tree Climbing Removal Cabling & Bracing
  • Total Tree Removal
  • Hazardous Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Services
  • Removal Of All Debris, Branches, Limbs
  • Haul Off
  • Pruning Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Parking Lot Trees
  • Hurricane Damage Specialists

Tree Removal
Whether you have trees that are hurting your other foliage in your yard, or trees damaged by a recent storm, our professional crews will be able to solve your issues at a fair and reasonable rate. If you have any trees near your home that have signs of rot or disease, do not wait to call! Dead, dying, or diseased trees will fall eventually, keep your family safe by hiring Speedy Tree Service expert to inspect the trees around your home and give you a free estimate for the work that we suggest be done.

As a full-service landscape company, we provide a one-stop shop for all areas of landscaping, including design, maintenance, and construction for your residential and commercial needs. As each of our clients has different needs, all of our designs and concepts are customized to satisfy each customer in a unique way.

We are the premier TREE company in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, maintaining and caring for the trees on Commercial & Residential properties. Let us take the worry out of management of these properties. From roof clearance pruning, to hazardous or dead tree removal, haul-off services.

A tree that is well-positioned and well-maintained can remain healthy and strong for many years. Pruning a tree affects its appearance and health. Inappropriate and inadequate care can drastically reduce the lifespan of a tree. It is essential that you choose a knowledgeable professional to help you throughout the process.

Service Benefits

  • Canopy Lift – Results in weight reduction as well as clears yards and walkways.
  • Thinning Tree Canopy – Decreases wind resistance and which decreases the stress on trees and the chance of one being blown over. Thinning a tree canopy also allows for more sunlight, which of course, will help grass grow. The reasons for thinning tree canopies go beyond increasing light and air though. The practice is also useful to keep a tree in a certain growth habit, prevent it from getting too tall or keep limbs from getting invasive. Whatever the motivation, canopy thinning is a selective pruning practice that should be done when the plant is dormant for best results. The goal with tree thinning is to reduce the number and thickness of the tree branches in the crown. Crown thinning trees allows more light to come into the core of the branches to enhance the growth of leaves and stems. It also allows more air to circulate, which reduces fungal and pest problems.
  • Additionally, thinning tree canopies reduce the weight to stabilize and strengthen the plant. Heavy thinning should be discouraged, as it can encourage the formation of unwanted growth, such as water spouts, but light thinning will encourage new needle or leaf growth, which provides increased photosynthesis and health.
  • Well-positioned tree – If your house is within root range, the roots can work their way into pipes under your house. As they do, they damage your home’s structure, fgoundation, and/or plumbing system.
  • Prep trees for weather to greatly reduce liability.
  • Trees are living organisms, and everyone knows that in order to thrive, they must be fed. Fertilization is the key to ensuring your trees are getting the nutrition they need.


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